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At the heart of Paligue, Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines is a woman blessed with a gift of tongue and a gift of healing physical and spiritual illnesses. APO CONCHING, with the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT is performing the miracles JESUS did in HIS time. It's been nine years since she fully accepted the mission from the heavens. Through her intercession to the Divine Mercy, many ailing people where healed without spending a penny. People are healed and God's mercy is revealed. Thank you, APO CONCHING!!!

Biography of Apo Conching

It was in 1958, in a quiet village in Paligue, Candaba, Pampanga when a cute baby sprang from the womb of MRS. PILAR DAVID ARCEO,a lady chosen by GOD to bear a daughter chosen by GOD to perform and continue HIS missions.

As part of growing up, she used to be a sickly baby, reason why the mother became so religious asking the help of saints and the ALMIGHTY FATHER to let her survive.

The cute little girl was baptized CONSTANCIA DAVID ARCEO, a name chosen with the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT. CONSTANCIA means CONSTANT, UNCHANGING, FIRMNESS OF MIND, STEADINESS OF AFFECTION, LOYALTY and FAITHFULNESS. According to the US Census in 1990, CONSTANCIA is a very "rare" name.

The true meaning of the name CONSTANCIA, was observable since she was very young. INE, as Constancia was fondly called by her parents demonstrated firmness in her behavior. Being the eldest child, she was a nanny to her brothers and sisters particularly when her parents were out to earn a living.

One time when her mother was sick and was hospitalized, she was the one who took the reponsibilities of her mother. She did the cooking and the preparation of food for the family.

CONSTANCIA demonstrated loyalty and honesty at her very young age. One time, she was asked by her Mother to run errand. She never attempted to keep the change for the items she bought.. She  returned the change no matter how strong her desire to buy candy was. For a time, she was tempted to use the change for buying candies but not for her but for her brothers and sisters.

Love of GOD and concern for others was already observable when CONSTANCIA was still young. She used to go to the cemetery with her friends and cousins to pray for the repose of the souls. Her first dream in life was to become a nun, but it did not materialized for it was not the plan of GOD as HIS ways of serving HIM and HIS people.

Her being CONSTANT and FIRM was again proven when she chose DANILO SANCHEZ to be her partner in life. As partners in building the community of GOD entrusted to them, they helped each other in keeping a strong foundation of the "small church" entrusted to them, their FAMILY.

Just like any other normal human being, CONSTANCIA also experienced a lot of trials and difficulties. She had been sick of extra ordinary illnesses which made her very dependent to doctors and hospitals.

Then came the time that CONSTANCIA had the greatest challenge in her life. She had to prove the real meaning of her name, being firm, being constant,being stable. Unexplainable phenomenon came, that she heard a tiny voice instructing her to heal people. At first there was a strong feeling of rejection because she was afraid that she will be misunderstood by many. She has to give up many things. She has to give up her buy and sell business, she has to give up the luxury of life. She has to give up everything until finally, last October 27,2001 she surrendered to the will of the FATHER and performed as commanded by the ALMIGHTY FATHER.

The first healing gift was experienced on their way to the grotto of THE LADY OF LOURDES when she met an old man who had difficulty in walking after a motor accident. She instructed him to remove the cap, with a gentle touch of her hand over the wounded parts, immediately, the old man was healed. She was able to heal also a lady named Annabel. Annabel couldn't see. She lost her vision.Again with a soft touch and a gentle blow on her eyes, her vision was restored. Even her sister-in-law couldn't believe on the mystery of her healing touch. Her sister-in-law was taken to the hospital secretly in order that the other members of the family will not worry. When CONSTANCIA visited her, she was surprised when she was asked about the hospitalization incident. Again with a soft touch and gentle blow, she was also healed. The first healing incidents spread in nearby places until came a time that through the word of mouth from the people she healed it spread  to different places locally and internationally through the testimonies posted in the web(www.apodivinemercy.com). Because of the miracles that she is performing through the HOLY SPIRIT she is named APO CONCHING. The group following her while doing her mission became bigger and bigger. For identity, the group is named KAPATIRANG DIVINE MERCY.

Apo Conching was gifted by the HOLY SPIRIT with a gift of tongue and a gift of healing. She heals not only physical but spiritual illnesses as well. Her name was made known. The miracles of the HOLY SPIRIT were performed through her. Blind can see, lame can walk, uncurable diseases pronounced by doctors like cancer were cured but most of all inner transformation is real particularly those who accepted the HOLY SPIRIT to reign in their hearts.

APO CONCHING is not an ordinary creation, when she was born, she was marked by the ALMIGHTY FATHER. SHE was chosen by the FATHER to continue HIS missions on earth. GOD THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT is truly with her. There's no doubt about it as testified by those people from all walks of life that were healed. Her words of wisdom is, TRUST THE LORD, BELIEVE IN HIM, HAVE A STRONG FAITH, Cultivate PATIENCE and you will experience JOY, PEACE and LOVE.


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