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  • A Few Collection of Audio Files [*.WAV] : Message of the HOLY SPIRIT through APO CONCHING. You must have WINRAR/WINZIP installed in your computer to open the collection and Windows Media Player to listen to the messages. (This section has been added due to some viewers' demand who want to save the Messages of the Holy Spirit in their computer/mobile phones so they can listen to the messages anytime):
  •'s wallpaper for your computer's desktop display Wallpaper

How to set as your desktop's background:

  1. Go to the image's download page. Click here.
  2. Using your pointing device (ex: mouse), right click then choose "Set as background" from the pulldown menu.
  • Chaplets

To download the original image to your computer, click the image, then right click the image from it's download page and choose "save" or "save as"

  1. Ang Rosaryo sa Mabathalang Awa:

  1. Chaplet in Chinese:

  1. How to pray the rosary in Chinese:


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