Messages from Heaven

Apo Conching, together with the Kapatirang Divine Mercy, had been sent on mission to bring the images of the Divine Mercy and Mama Mary to places. It is during every visit of the images, during daily preachings and healings at the chapel, and during Wednesday and Saturday nights at the altar where Apo Conching delivers the messages of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mercy and Mother Mary.

READ HOLY MESSAGES HERE (in FILIPINO) or you can watch videos and listen to audios:

Watch Holy Messages being delivered through Apo Conching Listen to Holy Messages

Take note that the messages you'll hear or watch are in Filipino (Tagalog) not in English. If you don't understand Filipino, we have translated and attached below some messages of the Holy Spirit for you to read:


Seek and you shall find. Yearn, and go find the way on how you can achieve what you desire.



How many of you will keep on providing reasons for sinning? How many of you will be awakened when it’s already late? How many of you will struggle to find while there is still time? How many of you, my beloved, who will learn what righteousness is while you still have strength?  How many of you will embrace the truth while you are still physically and mentally pure and strong?  



Truly I say to you, GOD THE FATHER is merciful. HE is gracious and compassionate. HE is kind. HE is forgiving. HIS love is so deep and unconditional but the question is… People that I love, people that I’ve freed, people that I’ve forgiven… until when you will be stubborn? 



Blessed are you, my beloved, if you are willing to know the FATHER through the ways HE is providing you. HIS desire to accumulate the people that belong to HIM makes HIM bestow happiness upon HIS children.



When you receive kindness, kindness is what you give. If you know how to love, you won’t be easily offended. If you know how to sympathize, you will see the positive side of everything. If you know how to accept, you won’t be impatient to anyone.



Different phenomena in various places will occur in the future. This is to show GOD the FATHER’s anger to HIS children who turned their backs on HIM. Yes, the world will not be destroyed but those that don’t belong to HIM will be filtered out through huge catastrophes and life tragedies. So, my beloved, apprehend clearly and with certainty, get acquainted with your MAKER and you will be delivered from all undesirable events that are already set to happen.



My beloved, you may be penniless but don’t be depressed. Be strong, be glad, have faith, and believe that GOD THE FATHER is here and HE sees you as HIS child. Accept HIM as your CREATOR and as your FATHER, and you will be heard.







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