Kapatirang Divine Mercy

It was the 27th day of October year 2001 when Apo Conching accepted the gift from the heavens. People that were healed and those who wanted to devote not only their time but their whole lives to the Divine Mercy started to follow her in doing her missions. Starting from 3 followers, the group grew in numbers as time passed by. KAPATIRANG DIVINE MERCY, that's the name they preferred to be called. It means 'sisters and brothers in Christ'. Every kapatid has his/her own unique duties according to OUR FATHER's will... that's how amazing OUR GOD moves.

"There are varieties of gifts
but there is the same Spirit;
there are varieties of ministries
and yet there is the same Lord;
and there are varieties of operations
and yet it is the same God who performs all the operations
in all persons.
But the manifestation of the Spirit
is given to each one for a beneficial purpose.
For example, the one there is given through
the spirit speech of wisdom,
to another speech of knowledge
according to the same Spirit,
to another faith by the same spirit,
to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit,
to yet another operations of powerful works,
to another prophesying,
to another discernment of inspired utterances,
to another different tongues,
and to another interpretation of tongues.
But all these operations the one and the same spirit performs,
making a distribution to each one respectively just as it wills."

1 Corinthians 12:4-11





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