Miracle Stories & Personal Testimonies

Testimonies from hundreds of undocumented patients miraculously healed by the Divine Mercy through APO CONCHING. Illness ranging from cancer of any kind, diabetes, survivors of heart attack, high blood pressure, psoriasis, liver and other internal ailments are only few among the many illnesses successfully healed by APO CONCHING on patients not only from the Philippines but also from Taiwan, Australia, US and other countries.

  • Martina Raquel Malvar-Vajio, saved from death twice in 2013.
  • Ceasar Chico, led to overseas career success by the HOLY SPIRIT
  • Lanie Gonzales, ...."There is nothing I asked of HIM that HE did not answer."
  • Leonora F. Tuazon, healed from High Blood, Enlargement of the Heart, Glaucoma, Skin Allergy , 4 small lumps in the neck at Low Grade Carcinoma in the Bladder (written in Filipino)
  • Racquel Bartolome-Hsu, (distant healing via phone) Jasem's ear infection healed by the Divine Mercy through Apo Conching
  • Jasem Hsu, 2 year-old boy who needed a liver transplant, now miraculously cancer-free without surgery
  • Aprilyn Arceo-Manalac, taken care by the Divine Mercy and Mother Mary during her pregnancy (written in Filipino)
  • Maricris Marcelo, "GOD's chosen" keyboardist, photographer, and someone to document the events for Apo Conching and the Kapatirang Divine Mercy
  • Jean Gigi Zamora, surrendered everything to GOD, had been tested and now being gifted.
  • Ruth Cruz, found answers to her problems and experience true peace and comfort that only our LOVING GOD can give
  • Josie Dumo, healed from various illnesses and now giving her all to answer God's calling
  • Eddie and Cristy Silva, from New Jersey USA who received healing from the Divine Mercy through the website
  • Beth Chico, school Directress, healed physically and spiritually
  • Sophia, suffered from undiagnosed severe skin problem, completely healed with her family's faith
  • Isidora dela Cruz, diagnosed with Chronic Myeologinous Leukemia, blood cleansed by the Divine Mercy
  • Architect Marie Jaleco, fixed her own damaged valves with faith
  • Marissa Cruz, encountered Christ and experienced spiritual transformation
  • Stanley Mananghaya, a spoiled brat who turned to be today's "Youth Role Model" through God's calling
  • Ancy Castro, bonded again by the DIVINE MERCY to her husband after more than a year of parting ways.
  • more testimonies to be posted soon...

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Testimonies Submitted through our Guestbook

Sonia A. Calleja, Lipa City Philippines, Emailed last December 30, 2007

I asked DIVINE MERCY to provide me a school building tuy, batangas and in less than 6 months my prayer request was granted. I asked DIVINE MERCY to stop my craving for cigaretes and in less than 6 months again it was granted. I asked DIVINE MERCY to help my students in all the competetions and with flying colors we did it. My DIVINE MERCY is wonderful and great! now iam asking another favor and i know he will give it to me. No doubt about it. Sana mabasa ito ng mga tao para kay DIVINE MERCY na lang sila magtiwala. Siya talaga ang daan tungo sa ama sa langit. Napakabait nya. Sobra.

Pat, USA, Posted on Dec 15, 2006

Hello! Apo Conching is real. My sister from the Philippines, everytime I phoned her, all she had to mention was Apo Conhing and so and so.. And I really don't care and tired of listening to her. Until one night, I went home with a problem from work and I just found myself dialling Apo Conching cell phone in the middle of the night here. What was weird was that I don't really remembered things I've told her.. All I remember was that me and her are praying together and I really felt her presence. The feelings was really amazing and as if it did't happened as if I was dreaming but it's real..

Wished I could be home soon, see her and be with her.. I love you Apo Conching

My family are truly greatful to have APO CONCHING near to us and be a part of the KAPATIRANG DIVINE MERCY,


If we would only try to recall HIS sufferings and pain in the Cross, perhaps it is more than enough to be good and kind to those who are most in-need, for HE said, "ANYTHING WE DO TO OTHERS, WE DO UNTO HIM".

For us, miracles happen in a way of or in a form of "answered prayers to our petitions", many good things happen to us but the most wonderful thing is..... Me, my husband and the rest of the family circle is having a very close attachment with the LORD. With a strong faith in HIM, we feel everything is swift despite of some unexpected trials, but with HIM in our heart we believe everything will turn out right.

Thank you Apo Conching, you are truly a blessings to us, with the HOLY SPIRIT within you, your gifted tongue to share HIS words and a healing power to intercede to those who are spiritually and physically in need.



Hi everyone,

I want to thank Apo Conching and all the members of Divine mercy, especially all the alagad for all the effort they give. I've seen their true faith and true service and of course their unconditional love for sick people. I also thank Apo Conching for her divine gift; through her I've seen and felt that there is true living GOD and the Holy Spirit is real, because I had experienced that everytime I'm with Apo Conching's presence; I could not stop my tears flowing, and my goosebumps growing when I was around her. In the 12 days I had spent with Apo Conching, I had also witnessed many amazing things; a lot of them I know to be miracles.
I also want to ask Apo and all the alagad to always include me in their prayers so that my healing will continue. Thank you Apo and all the alagad; I love you all and I'm hoping I am fit for work so that I can go back home next year.

Love from,

Linda Rodriguez


Hi to all the members of the divine mercy group i've known so many miracles and i'm one of the lucky ones who experience the mercy healing. Through Mam Chico and Apo Irma, my herpis is totally healed in 2 days.Thanks for everything.
I would like also to take this opportunity to please pray for me im taking my board exam this coming Nov.28-29, 2006. Please include me in your prayers.


This website is such a wonderful gift for us who are far away from home. The accessibility provides us an opportunity to feel a sense of fellowship despite the distance.

I would like to take this chance to extend my thanks to Apo Conching, for helping us find our way back to the Divine Mercy and being instrumental to our family's renewed sense of sprituality amidst all the trials and tribulations. Thank you for all the prayers and guidance.

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
--------------- by Albert Schweitzer

"We walk by faith, not by sight."
---------------2 Corinthians v. 7.

Thank you!!!!

Mischelle Pangilinan-Irvin


I'm Jovelyn Sanchez, daughter of Apo Conching. I would like to share a story on how Divine Mercy makes a miracle in our life & in my nephew Anthonio DanGil Sanchez. He's a premature baby. As we all know a premature baby may suffer some difficulties about his/her health. While He was in the hospital, my nephew was put in the incubator & was being injected with different kinds of antibiotics. As we observed, my nephew became more weak. So, my brother (father of the baby) requested Apo Conching to take His baby home & just offer His baby's life to Divine Mercy. After 3 days of staying in the hospital, we took my nephew home. Through Apo Conching He was healed by using some medicinal plants. Until little by little he gained the health that he needed to survived.
And now my nephew is 3 years of age, a boy who's so smart & healthy.
In behalf of our family we Thank GOD whole-heartedly for a very special gift that He gave to our family. We Thank HIM for choosing our mom to be an instrument to help & serve other people. For giving Her the "Gift of Hand" to cure people's illness & the "Power of Tongue" to heal our Spirits.
GOD Bless Us!


(Note: Those who want to share and publish their testimony, you can send your story to kapatid@apodivinemercy.com)

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